Luba – Daughter of the Gods

Ask ten people what they think about Luba and you will probably get ten different answers. Some people say Luba means love; others call her an inspiration. Whatever the case, it is clear that Luba is a modeling sensation, born to be worshiped and admired.

Born in the Ukraine, Luba comes from home grown stock. She has a twin sister (who also happens to be a model) named Nadya and the two can regularly be seen doing everything from shopping, to traveling, and of course, posing for the camera together.

Although she studied fashion design at the University of Technology in Kiev, it is her career as a model that has taken her all over the world.  She got her start as a home town beauty queen but it wasn’t long before her career began take flight. From the streets of Paris to the shores of Cape Town, Luba has seen it all and yet still approaches each modeling assignment with the urgency of a young teenager.

Luba is married to world renowned photographer Petter Hegre and the pair has become one of the most high profile couples in the world of photography today. She was instrumental in the creation of Petter’s website Hegre-Art.com and Petter even created a book dedicated to pictures of her – aptly named Luba.  Now in its third edition it continues to be a top seller around the world.

When modeling, Luba’s body exudes a rare sort of confidence, even though her eyes still contain a few drops of shyness mixed in with an inviting attitude. It is precisely these conflicting elements that make Luba one of the world’s most well known figure models.

Both petite, and yet filled with curves in all the right places Luba is best described as a knockout. No modeling assignment is out of her reach, and there is no look she cannot accomplish.  Everything from the shy and innocent home town girl to the seductive and vivacious vixen is pulled off effortlessly and with an incredible amount of style.

Long live Luba.

From high fashion to artistic nudes, Luba has done it all, and done it well. It’s no surprise she has earned a reputation as the ultimate muse.


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